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COLLEGE 2030: Transforming the Student Experience

The pandemic has accelerated higher education’s transformation. Now, a fresh environment is emerging – one that needs to be more flexible, highly personalized and laser-focused on new outcomes, well-being and lifelong learning. See new insights from students, faculty and administrators in our latest research report. 

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BNED is a company serving all who work to elevate their lives through education. Through our unique commitment to introducing innovative solutions for colleges and universities, and
maintaining unparalleled customer service, we aim to enhance the experiences and value we offer students while helping our partner institutions achieve their highest-priority goals.


Jonathan Shar

Chief Executive Officer, BNED

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BNED Announces Jonathan Shar as New Chief Executive Officer

BNED announced its Board of Directors has appointed Jonathan Shar as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective June 11, 2024. Mr. Shar succeeds Michael P. Huseby, who has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, effective June 11, 2024.



First Day® Complete Improves the Student Experience

In our Spring 2024 First Day Complete Experience Survey, respondents cited ease and convenience, lower stress and affordability as reasons to recommend the program to other students. Most students also said First Day Complete better prepared them for the academic term.