Strategic Solutions

Barnes & Noble Education continuously seeks new initiatives and relationships that allow us to offer the most fresh and relevant products, services and platforms to our customers. More than simply adapting and evolving with the industries we serve, we look to foster the type of innovation and transformation that shapes the learning experience and supports academic, social and community achievement.

Research & Insights

Like the academic communities we serve, Barnes & Noble Education has a continuous thirst to know more. Our robust research platform – including our Barnes & Noble College Student POV (Point of View), Faculty POV and Campus Partners. Insight Panels – captures the voice of the customer, ensuring that we understand our industry, students and faculty better than anyone else. We use these insights every day to shape strategy and execution to deliver the optimal customer experience.

We share our commitment to understanding the thinking, behaviors and expectations of our customers with our partners, and we bring relevant data and analytics to the table in every relationship we create. For colleges and universities, the insights we share help boost student recruitment and retention and support key business goals. For consumer brands, our understanding helps foster lifelong relationships with college students driven by their unique needs and wants. For publishers, our knowledge helps guide development of next-generation course materials that drive student outcomes.

Research will always be at our core; it brings to life the voice of the customer, inspiring everything we do and driving relevancy, innovation and success for our partners.

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With the largest college bookstore digital network of its kind, and on-campus access to five million students nationwide, Barnes & Noble College believes its research platform is an opportunity not only to develop insight into the student experience, but also provide an opportunity to build more effective and meaningful campus programs.

Our Brand Partnerships team partner and work closely with brands to help them engage with students in timely, relevant and inspiring ways. These partnerships create the kind of dialogue that will foster long-lasting relationships extending beyond graduation with the ability to deliver ongoing results.

Capabilities of the Barnes & Noble College research platform include a full suite of quantitative research, qualitative research, ethnographic research, omnibus studies, shopper insight research and on-site testing with data and analytics powered by proprietary faculty and student online research panels.

Barnes & Noble Education directly serves over 6 million students and faculty members across 773 campus stores nationwide.


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