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Barnes & Noble College, the flagship business of Barnes & Noble Education, acts as more than just a vendor on the 773 campus stores we serve nationwide – we are a strategic partner and collaborator. Every day, we work to bring new solutions for affordable course materials; the latest in EdTech and digital learning platforms; and student support services that enhance academic outcomes.

Together with our campus partners, we strengthen each school’s mission, drive student success and deliver an unmatched experience that supports strong revenue growth and continuous innovation. We are part of the fabric of our campuses, deeply committed to supporting and celebrating the social and academic aspirations of students, faculty, alumni and administrators.

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At its heart, the campus bookstore is about more than just textbooks or spirit apparel – it’s about people. We transcend transactions to build rich relationships with students, alumni, faculty, campus organizations, career centers and more. By engaging each member of the campus community in ways that support and celebrate their connection to their school, we foster greater loyalty and keep vital revenue on campus.


Promoversity is a custom merchandise supplier and e-commerce storefront solution serving the collegiate bookstore business and its customers.

By leveraging Promoversity’s established supply chain, in-house printing capabilities and ability to fulfill orders quickly and on an individual basis, we are able to expand our assortment offerings both in our Barnes & Noble College stores and on our multiple e-commerce platforms. Customers can also create their own custom merchandise, as well as create and execute custom, scalable fundraising campaigns via the purchase of school products, on the Promoversity website.


Technology fuels everything we do. We develop technology with a purpose, listening to our students and faculty to build robust solutions that meet real needs and solve real problems. Our technology ecosystem drives the academic and social experience on our campuses and is tailored to support each school’s systems and mission.

Student Success

In today’s complex academic environment, we serve as a trusted advocate and integral support system for students. We provide programs and resources that range from student-to-student study help to workshops and tools for career preparation. All serve to further advance student success in and out of the classroom, and, in turn, boost our campus partners’ student retention efforts.

Social Hub

Our campus bookstores offer far more than course materials – we host a range of academic and social events, as well as provide creative, collaborative spaces that bring together students, faculty and staff from different backgrounds and areas of study. The bookstores serve as a catalyst to cultivate new relationships; inspire and support new ideas and discoveries; and create experiences that unite and support our campus communities.

Barnes & Noble Education directly serves over 6 million students and faculty members across 773 campus stores nationwide.


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